Eye-Fi X2 Utility

Eye-Fi X2 Utility 1.1

Automatically transfers photos from Eye-Fi X2 cards
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Eye-Fi, Inc

Access the photographic images stored on a compatible Eye-Fi X2 card and send them to a destination folder selected on a personal computer. The utility accesses the Wi-Fi connection supported by the card and extracts files directly from the device. The direct or remote transfer is possible.

With Eye-Fi X2 Utility, you can automatically send photos from your Eye-Fi X2 card to your Windows computer. Eye-Fi X2 is a WiFi enabled SD card that you can use on digital cameras, smart phones, etc. You can use Direct Mode, or Infrastructure to transfer data. This application requires an Eyefi Card with the ability to do Direct Mode transfers (older 2G's cards do not have this capability).

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